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Header/Tag Tools

Header/Tag Tools

Header/Tag Tools

HTTP Header Extractor
Extract the HTTP headers for any website using the HTTP Header Extractor tool. With this easy tool, you can observe how the Web server reads a site's HTTP headers when requesting any URL. HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. The headers show the cookies that are being set for a domain name, user-agent or browser type, language, and the destination of any re-directs. You can view HTTP headers for your own domain name or another site to boost search engine optimization and ensure your site's URL is returning the results you desire. Simply enter the domain name in the field below to extract the headers instantly.

HTTP Header Viewer
View the HTTP Header for your website using this unique webmaster tool. This enables you to view HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) header information from any given URL, which is actually the response received by a computer when requesting the website. HTTP headers let your computer know that you are requesting a HyperText document from an actual Web server instead of another type of file. It is crucial for Web browsers to read websites as actual Internet documents; this gives the Web its functionality. The HTTP headers reveal a site's cookie setup, browser type and other information that a browser and/or server needs to communicate. To view HTTP headers for your site or any other domain name, just enter the URL in the field below for immediate results.

Meta Tag Extractor
Want to know what meta tags are included for any given website? With the Meta Tag Extractor, you can easily extract meta tags from your own site or a competitor's site in a flash. Meta tags are an important part of a site's HTML code, which include a site's target keywords or key phrases, a title and a brief description of the site. Although there's been much debate about the importance of meta tags, webmasters have used these for years to boost SEO and create suitable titles and descriptions that search engines can display to users in search results. With this tool you can simply enter a URL in the field below and extract meta tags to examine which keywords are being used by sites in your industry and also review your own site's keywords.

Meta-Tag Generator
Do you want to add meta tags to your website, but aren't sure how to write the HTML code? It's now easier than ever to create powerful meta tags using our Meta Tag Generator. This amazing webmaster tool will generate the meta tag HTML code for your site in just moments. Simply enter your site's title, description, keywords or key phrases (separated by commas), author name and site owner name. The generator will create a professionally written meta tag code that can be copied and pasted directly into your site's main page code. Be sure to include your most popular keyword or phrase in your title and description. Creating meta tags can do wonders for your SEO efforts, so use this simple tool to generate your site's meta tags today...


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