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IP Tools

IP Tools

IP Tools

Multiple IP Address Checker
Check the IP address for multiple websites using the Multiple IP Checker tool. This handy webmaster tool enables you to quickly find out what the IP address is for your own domain names or others. If you're pressed for time and need the IP address for several sites, use this tool instead of logging in to your host to gather this information. It is also useful if you've been the victim of "referrer spam" and need to block several IP addresses from referring visitors to your site. IP information can help you narrow a site owner's country or region (and sometimes the actual city), type of IP assignment, ISP, etc. Enter several domain names below to find the IP addresses for each in just moments.

Multiple Reverse IP Lookup
The Multiple Reverse IP Lookup tool provides the hostname for an IP address. IP addresses are only numbers and don't reveal where the site is actually coming from. Using this tool to turn the IP address numbers into an actual hostname will give you a heads up on where the site is hosted. Reverse IP lookup can help you find and block spammers, pinpoint an online scammer or find out where referrers are coming from in your site stats. To find the hostname for several sites, simply enter the IP addresses below and click "Continue" to get immediate results.

Ping Domain/IP
Find out the ping response time for any domain name or IP address using this helpful tool. If you need to know whether or not a site is responding when requested or how quickly it responds, the Ping Domain/IP tool makes it as easy as 1-2-3! The term "ping" refers to a program that was developed years ago to verify that computers on a network or online actually exist and are connected. It is widely used by developers and IT support technicians to test Internet connections and sites within Intranet systems and on the World Wide Web. Now you can have access to this process and "ping" your site or any other domain or IP address to find out if it is actually connected and how quickly it pulls up on the Web. Just enter your domain name or IP address below to get the ping results.

Reverse IP/Look-up
With the Reverse IP/Look-up Tool you can find out the hostname for any given IP address. The IP address, or Internet Protocol address, is a numerical address given to websites or networks. It is four numbers separated by periods that are used to help identify a website on a computer or network. This tool enables you to enter an IP address and learn the actual hostname for the address. It is particularly useful if you need to find out where referrers or spam is coming from when unusual IP addresses show up in your site's statistics. Enter the IP address in the field below to find this information.


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