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Miscellaneous Tools

Miscellaneous Tools

Miscellaneous Tools

Browser Details Tool
With the Browser Details Tool you can quickly find out the details of the browser you are currently using. This tool reveals your IP address and hostname. It shows which operating system you are currently using as well as browser type. Example: Windows XP operating system and MSIE 7.0 (Microsoft Internet Explorer) browser version 7.0. It also shows whether or not your JavaScript and browser cookies are enabled or disabled. The current date/time will be displayed along with your country and language (e.g. en-us means English-US). Just click the button below for immediate access to this information about your current Web browser.

Convert Date to Timestamp
This simple tool will convert any date and time to a Unix Timestamp. The Unix Timestamp tracks time by displaying the total number of seconds since the Unix Epoch, which was on January 1, 1970. Computer systems often use the Unix Timestamp to track and sort dated information in distributed and dynamic applications, either on the client side or on the Internet. Just enter the date and time in the field below (e.g. 2010/04/14 11:13:42 AM) to convert that time to Unix Timestamp. It only takes a moment to get your results. And if you're a programmer, this tool can be a real timesaver when entering date/time strings.

Convert UNIX Timestamp
Programmers often work with Unix Timestamps to calculate date/time strings rather than programming months, days and times individually. This is a great timesaver when programming long strings from multiple months and/or days. With the Convert Unix Timestamp tool, you can easily convert the Timestamp seconds back to a readable date and time with a click of the button. A Unix Timestamp is merely an actual count of the seconds that have lapsed (excluding leap seconds) since midnight of January 1, 1970. This is often referred to as the Unix Epoch. This tool takes the Timestamps seconds and converts them back to a normal date/time so you can find out when the Timestamp was created in programming codes for Websites, networks or software programs.

Email to Image Converter
The Email to Image Converter enables you to turn your email address into an actual image. This protects your privacy for use on a website while still enabling visitors to contact you by email. With this tool, you'll simply enter your email address and select a font size. Image noise may be added to your email image as well. The "noise" is actually graphical specs or lines in your image that can deter harvesting. This helps prevent spammers from using software to harvest your email address from your website. Once you've entered the information in the fields below, you'll see an image appear containing your email address, along with a direct link to your image that you can add to your site, forum or blog posts, emails, etc.

JavaScript Clock
With the JavaScript Clock tool, your site will always display the correct time to visitors. This useful tool is easy to add to your Web page code and keeps time automatically 24/7. Many webmasters add this to their site as a courtesy to visitors, but some also use JavaScript clocks to enhance promotions. For example, a website sales presentation might read as follows: "If you order before our site clock reaches "12:15 PM" you'll receive a free bonus AND you'll receive an added 15% OFF the sale price!" To add a JavaScript clock to your site, copy and paste the code below into your page code using the instructions below. It only takes moments to get the accurate time rolling on your website!

Send Anonymous Emails
Need to send an email anonymously? You can now do this easily with our Send Anonymous Emails form. This useful tool cannot be used to spam or send fake or prank emails. It can, however, be used if you need to warn someone anonymously, reach someone who has banned your email with an important message, report fraud or employee mischief to your boss without revealing your name, report a crime, confess your love for someone anonymously, or test a friendship to see if it's real or not! You can also use this form if your email server is down temporarily and you need to reach clients or associates quickly. Remember, no illegal or malicious emails may be sent...your IP address can be reported and blocked indefinitely if this happens. So, use this tool wisely!

Website Status Checker
Check the status of your website to see if the five major ports are responding. With our Website Status Checker tool, you can find out if the ports are allowing your HTTP data to be transported. Ports are locations in hardware that pass data in and out of a computing device. Ports are assigned certain numbers. For example, Port 80 is used by both TCP and UDP to transport HTTP data. Certain computer viruses may attack a specific port (such as the Sasser virus). Use the tool below to check your website status at the five major ports in just moments...


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