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Search Engine Tools

Search Engine Tools

Search Engine Tools

Bing Indexed Pages Checker
Discover how many pages from your website are indexed in the Bing search engine with this helpful tool. With the Bing Indexed Pages Checker, you can simply enter your website URL (or the URL of a competitor) and click the "continue" button. You'll be shown results instantly, so you can know in a flash the popularity of your site in Bing searches. Microsoft's Bing provides a healthy rival for Google, so you'll want to be sure and add this search engine to your SEO marketing efforts. Study Bing results and how it determines keyword relevancy to maximize your targeted traffic with this popular search engine. Then use this easy tool to monitor your progress.

Google Indexed Pages Checker
The Google Indexed Pages Checker provides quick access to the number of web pages indexed from any given site. Simply enter your URL, and this tool will render the number of Google-indexed pages in a flash. You can also check to see how many pages are indexed from a competitor's website. It's a great way to monitor your Google SEO efforts and determine what percentage of all your site's pages are actually listed in the search engine. For example, if you have 1,000 pages within your site, but only 250 are indexed, then you'll have an idea of the success level of your methods and can make improvements for the future.

MSN Live Indexed Pages Checker
With the MSN Live Indexed Pages Checker you can find out how many of your web pages are indexed by the MSN Live search engine. This tool gives you insight into how popular your site is with MSN Live so you can keep tabs on your marketing methods. Search engines are the prime source of targeted traffic, and having your site indexed with all the major search engines is crucial to your site's success. You can also check to see how competing websites fare in MSN Live with this handy tool. Just enter any URL below and click "Continue" to get results in an instant!

Robots.txt Checker
The Robots.txt Checker enables you to check for and view the contents of the robots.txt file for your website or others. This helpful tool reveals the contents of your robots.txt file (if your site has one) and lets you know in an instant which pages are allowed or disallowed by your file. In layman terms, this simple file tells search engine robots or spiders which pages can be indexed by Google and other engines and which pages are off limits. If there are pages containing sensitive data about your company or main directory pages for a large site, you can tell the search engine robots to ignore these pages. Use this tool to gather this valuable information about your site and gain more control of your search engine efforts.

Search Engine Listing Preview
With the Search Engine Listing Preview tool, you can see how your potential site visitors will view your listings in Google and Yahoo! search results. Use this creative tool to test your headlines and descriptions from a customer's point of view. This tool can help you maximize your click-through rate on any given page listing, whether writing meta tags or your ads for Yahoo! or Google pay-per-click campaigns. Simply enter your URL, a brief title and your page description text to view how your listing will look in either of these popular search engines.

Search Engine Saturation Checker
Use the Search Engine Saturation Checker to learn the number of pages search engines have listed from your website. This tool will give you an idea of how popular your site is with various search engines so you'll know where to direct your marketing campaigns. If you find that one particular search engine is not listing your pages, you can research ways to tweak your site to be friendlier toward that particular search engine. This can help you reach new visitors through other venues and increase sales. Simple enter your URL below and click "continue" to get your results.

Site Spider Viewer
Use the Site Spider Viewer to view useful SEO statistics and spider information about any given website. This tool reveals your site information as the search engine robots see it. The information you'll receive includes the title, web page generator (if applicable), description, keywords, source code with character length, and how often a spider is to re-visit your website. It's a great tool to tweak your keywords and description for SEO promotions. Simply enter the web page URL below and click "continue," and this tool will do the rest!

Spider Viewer
Get a glance of how search engine spiders (a.k.a. robots) view your website with this Spider Viewer tool. Spiders look for keywords and phrases within your site's text and then store this information for Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other engines to determine which (if any) position your site deserves in the results. With this spiffy tool, you can see what the spiders see...how many of certain keywords are within your page and whether you should increase or decrease the frequency of certain words. Too many or too few of the same keyword can result in poor SEO, which can affect your site's overall traffic and success.

Yahoo Indexed Pages Checker
This tool reveals how many of your site's pages have been indexed by the popular search engine Yahoo! Get an idea of how your site fares in this crucial traffic source by simply typing in your URL below and clicking the "continue" button. You'll find out how many pages are actually listed in Yahoo! as compared to the number of pages in your overall site. If you have 500 pages and find that Yahoo! only lists about 100 of them, then you'll know to focus more on gaining the favor of Yahoo! so you can increase traffic. It's easy to get on the right track with this simple tool!


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