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Social Web Tools

Delicious Link Checker
Use the Delicious Link Checker to discover how many Delicious bookmark links there are to any particular website page. Delicious is a social bookmarking site where users can rank and bookmark or share websites, articles, videos, blogs, etc. If you own a Web business, social bookmarking can improve your site's SEO efforts as well as help you attract new visitors as more and more people bookmark your site through Delicious. Just type in your URL below to find out if any people - or how many - are actually bookmarking your site.

Digg Links Checker
The Digg Links Checker is a free tool that enables you to quickly and easily find out how many links a certain site or page has on Digg. As a social networking site, Digg enables people to share content by submitting interesting stories and links. It is a great resource for promotions if you own a Web business. The social scene is growing tremendously. Don't be left out! Start your Digg social bookmarking promotions today, and then use our free tool below to monitor your site's progress!

Multiple Delicious Link Checker
The Multiple Delicious Link Checker is a free tool that gives you insight as to the number of Delicious links to multiple Web addresses. If you own 5, 10 or 20 websites and have been promoting them using social bookmarking, this tool can help you monitor your promotions. Discover if your efforts are truly making a difference and if Delicious users are "catching on" and bookmarking your pages. It's a great way to promote multiple sites with minimal effort. Just enter your URLs below to get your totals.

Multiple Digg Links Checker
With the Multiple Digg Links Checker you can quickly find out how many links have been created from Digg to multiple sites or Web pages. Digg is a popular social bookmarking network where users can share their favorite sites, resources, videos and more. As you promote multiple sites or pages through social bookmarking sites like Digg, you can use this free tool to keep tabs on your promotional efforts. The more Digg links that your sites receive, then the more likely you will attract new visitors and positive search engine attention. Enter your multiple URLs below to get started.

Twitter Links Finder
The Twitter Links Finder tool makes it easy to find out how many links there are to any given website or page. Twitter is a very popular social networking service that gives its users the opportunity to create microblogs and share news, resources, and more. Twitter provides Web business owners with a terrific avenue for reaching potential clients through the online social scene. When promoting your site through Twitter, use this free tool to find out if your methods are being effective and if you are actually getting Twitter links to your site. Just enter your URL below and click "Submit" to know for sure.


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