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Convert Date to Timestamp

This simple tool will convert any date and time to a Unix Timestamp. The Unix Timestamp tracks time by displaying the total number of seconds since the Unix Epoch, which was on January 1, 1970. Computer systems often use the Unix Timestamp to track and sort dated information in distributed and dynamic applications, either on the client side or on the Internet.

Just enter the date and time in the field below (e.g. 2010/04/14 11:13:42 AM) to convert that time to Unix Timestamp. It only takes a moment to get your results. And if you're a programmer, this tool can be a real timesaver when entering date/time strings.
How do I use this tool? [+]
  1. Enter a date & time string of any format to convert it to a UNIX timestamp.
  2. Click Continue to get your results.


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