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.gov Backlink Checker

Check for backlinks from .edu domains pointing to any website using the .gov Backlink Checker. This webmaster tool investigates pages from .gov domains indexed in search engines with backlinks to your site.

This webmaster tool that let's you find out the number of backlinks from government sites that are pointing to your domain name or any website. The .gov Backlink Checker tool provides the number of .gov sites (not the actual domain names), and will reveal the popularity of any given website among government-related agencies. The .gov designation is restricted to use by government entities only; however, these sites can link to others that are deemed "linkworthy" and pass on quite a bit of credibility by association to those sites. Check with .gov agencies in your local area or through the search engine to find those that might link back to your site as a resource. Then monitor your backlink process with the easy webmaster tool below.

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How do I use this tool? [+]
  1. Enter the URL you want to check.
  2. Click Continue to get your results.


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