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JavaScript Clock

With the JavaScript Clock tool, your site will always display the correct time to visitors. This useful tool is easy to add to your Web page code and keeps time automatically 24/7. Many webmasters add this to their site as a courtesy to visitors, but some also use JavaScript clocks to enhance promotions. For example, a website sales presentation might read as follows: "If you order before our site clock reaches "12:15 PM" you'll receive a free bonus AND you'll receive an added 15% OFF the sale price!"

To add a JavaScript clock to your site, copy and paste the code below into your page code using the instructions below. It only takes moments to get the accurate time rolling on your website!
How do I use this tool? [+]
  1. Copy + paste the code below to your website.
Live Example:

JavaScript Clock

Copy the code below and paste it anywhere within the <body></body> tags to display a live, running JavaScript clock to visitors.


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