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Meta Tag Extractor

Want to know what meta tags are included for any given website? With the Meta Tag Extractor, you can easily extract meta tags from your own site or a competitor's site in a flash. Meta tags are an important part of a site's HTML code, which include a site's target keywords or key phrases, a title and a brief description of the site. Although there's been much debate about the importance of meta tags, webmasters have used these for years to boost SEO and create suitable titles and descriptions that search engines can display to users in search results.

With this tool you can simply enter a URL in the field below and extract meta tags to examine which keywords are being used by sites in your industry and also review your own site's keywords.
How do I use this tool? [+]
  1. Enter the URL of a website to extract META tags from.
  2. Click Continue to get your results.


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